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31/December/2003 - The gift updates for fans from fans
There were added 2 videomixes, made by Brute and Marianna (aka Shadow), into Fans Videomixes department.
And Vacuum Wallpapers rubric has been updated by 6 new wallpapers (some of them were kindly provided by Slam)
In Fans Articles department you can find a very interesting article "Vacuum the God name called by science" about the conception of Vacuum meaning, written by Toaddy Frog.

So, there were the last updates of this site, added in 2003 year. We hope, Vacuum Music be able to bring something interesting for you in 2004 too. Again, Happy New Year for all of you!
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25/December/2003 - Chat updates
There was added the log of the chat-talk with Mattias Lindblom from the 19th of December. Please visit our Chat room to read it.
Also take the best wishes and the warmest congratulations with all Winter Holidays from this site! :)
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18/December/2003 - CHAT WITH MATTIAS LINDBLOM - 2
Dear fans, our Chat-Room is opened again for your real-time talk with Mattias Lindblom as a pre-gift for the coming Winter Holidays. See you there tomorrow in the 19th of December at 18:00 Swedish time (20:00 Moscow time - 19:00 Kiev time - 17:00 GMT time). Don't miss a big deal of fun! Enter to chat from here or from
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