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27/July/2003 - Happy Birthday
Just a lot of congratulations and best wishes for the woman, who brought her talent, creativity and proffecional keyboard sound to Vacuum. Happy Birthday to Marina Schiptjenko!
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21/July/2003 - Added a Chat Talk with Mattias Lindblom
For those fans, who couldn't meet Mattias in the chat in the 10th of July, today there has been added a log file of that chat. So you can read all the talk of Vacuum fans and Mattias. Check our chat out for reading.
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13/July/2003 - Added Vacuum in Kiev stuff and updated Fans Remixes page
As a late reaction on Vacuum at Kiev's festival Chayka we decided to put some video from that event too. Here you can download Vacuum interview + "Icaros" live + "Fools like me" live video from DayOK program, kindly provided by Toaddy and Brute.
Also there were added a couple of photos from Chayka, kindly provided by Ann.
In the Fans Remixes rubric there was added I Breathe instrumental Remix by SaAnVi.
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Dear fans, feel free to sign into our Chat-Room and ask Mattias any questions you like on-line this Thursday (10.07.2003) 19:00 Swedish time - 21:00 Moscow time - 20:00 Kiev time - 18:00 GMT time. A big deal of fun is guaranteed! Enter to chat from here or from
Special thanks to Olga Maximenko for organization.
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