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27/July/2006 - Vacuum at Slavic Bazaar: more photos
About 150 photos of Vacuum have been just added in our Live Photos rubric in the albums "Meeting with fans", "The concert" and "SoundCheck". Most of the photos were kindly provided by Galina, so thank her very much for them!
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16/July/2006 - Reports about Vacuum in Vitebsk
In our Reviews and Reports rubric you can read a report by Svetlana Pleskachova (f\c "eV/olution") in English, and another report by Milady777 in Russian. Thank you girls very much for them!
Also, there were added some photos to the Live Photos rubric, kindly provided by Mila and Galina.
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13/July/2006 - Vacuum photos from Vitebsk: SoundCheck
All the photos from Vacuum visiting Belarus consist of 4 parts: the soundcheck, the meeting in the hotel, the concert and the meeting in the airport. Today you can see the photos from the soundcheck, kindly provided by Brute, f/c Evolution.
PS: if you have some photos from Slavic Bazaar, please send them to

Also check a fresh cover at our VacuumVision page! This time there's a single "Zai Si" ("Dead" in Chinese), presented by "Silent Poems" band from Ukraine.
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11/July/2006 - Vacuum at Slavic Bazaar: more info.
Threre's a brief discription, what took place on Slavic Bazaar. Among the tons of warm communication between Vacuum fans, they have 2 fantastic meetings with Mattias in the hotel and airport, and also saw Vacuum during the sound-check. At the concert the fans did their best to support Mattias and to promote and, raising a big banner with the name of the both sites.
The concert itself was great, and public, which mostly hadn't even known Vacuum before, applauded Mattias willingly, sang with him and cried "Bravo!".
The set-list was:
1. I Breathe
2. Six Billion Voices
3. The Void
4. Mind Your Mind
5. Starting Where The Story Ended
6. Power
7. Your Whole Life Is Leading Up To This
8. Let The Mountain Come To Me
9. Icaros
10. Preview
+ bonus - 11. Fools Like Me.
More info, photo, video and impressions will follow soon!
Bad news is that TV didn't make any records of the concert, so it would not be shown on TV.
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07/July/2006 - Mattias' interview for Belarus
In our Interviews rubric you can read a special interview with Mattias Lindblom, dedicated the visit of Vacuum in Belarus.
Russian and English versions are available.
Thanks to Alex Skorohod for the interview.
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