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22/June/2004 - Photos from the studio
In our Press photos rubric you can see 2 pictures of Vacuum in the mastering studio, kindly provided by Mattias Lindblom.
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21/June/2004 - Vacuum goes to Stockholm Pride
In the 31th of July 2004 Vacuum is going to perform at Stockholm Pride as well as did it in 2002. :)
The info by SSC.
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18/June/2004 - New in Solo Career rubric
A new song by Lindblom/Wollbeck "Shoo Shoo" has been added into Solo Career department.
Special thanks to Arkana for the song
Also there were added verse translations of Vacuum songs into Russian by Alex Skorx into Lyrics and translations department. More translations are welcome, by the way :)
And finally for the fans of it was made a special button for Internet Explorer to easy access to our site.
Special thanks to +mh for the button.
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05/June/2004 - New in Solo Career rubric
Today there has been added some songs, written by Wollbeck/Lindblom alliance for other artists in Solo Career rubric. Special thanks to Arkana and Mattias Lindblom for the provided info.
Also there you can find a remix from recently released BWO single.
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