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27/October/2004 - New Vacuum interview
A new interview of Vacuum "From Russia With Love" from ReleaseMagazine has been added to our Interviews rubric.
Also there are 5 new poetic translations of Vacuum lyrics into Russian by Alex Skorx in Lyrics & Translations rubric.
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13/October/2004 - New photos of Mattias Lindblom
There were added 2 photos of Mattias, singing hockey hymn in Globen into Live Photos rubric & one photo of Mattias' paintings.
Also don't forget to keep voting for Vacuum on MTV and ZTV, please :)
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10/October/2004 - Chat with Mattias Lindblom!
You are very welcome to the next chat with Mattias Lindblom this Sunday! Time: 17:00 GMT (18:00 Swedish time, 19:00 Kiev time, 20:00 Moscow time). Just come, join and enjoy! :)
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10/October/2004 - New downloads
After our downloads database repairing, there were added 8 videos into Vacuum on Swedish TV, Vacuum on Rus&Ukr TV and Live video rubrics.
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09/October/2004 - Repaired downloading database
System info: Downloading system has been at last repaired. Video / audio downloads links work now.
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04/October/2004 - The results of SFS
Today the voting in Singing Fans Show has been finished, and we have 3 winners. Check the results at the page!
Vacuum news: Mattias Lindblom has been invited to sing the national anthem at the hockey arena Globen, Stockholm tomorrow in around 19:00 of Swedish time (wish good luck to Mattias!) & to give 30-min long interview at Swedish radio P5 Stockholm in the 9th of October at around 14.00.
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