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29/October/2006 - At last! Vacuumvision ended.
So, we are finishing VacuumVision with the 4 new works from Out, Aveguardro, Mmad Catz and Oxana. You can download them at VacuumV!sion page! In a couple of days the voting will be opened and you will be able to vote for the best cover and voice.
Also in Fans videomixes rubric you can see new update, kindly provided by Fallen angels and in Wallpapers you can see a pack of new wallpapers from Olga Khramli!
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24/October/2006 - The Vacuum-Challenge!
We have seen the growing development of the vacuum-vision contest and we're mighty impressed. Vacuum and Sony ATV Music Publishing are now inviting You to a new competition! Starting november 1st we want You to start sending in demos of songs that You have written on Your own. Original work, not covers. The competition's deadline is january 31st. That's 3 months for You to get creative.
After that, the jury, consisting of Mattias Lindblom and Anders Wollbeck from Vacuum together with Nicholas Johansson from Sony ATV Music Publishing, will listen to the songs and choose one winner. The jury will give a professional opinion on all the contributions.
So, what do You win? Well, this is the great part! Sony ATV will take the winning song and try to get it to a recording artist! Your song will get a chance and will be professionally handled by a real publisher. The results of the competition will be posted on Vacuum Music.
Rules are below!
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24/October/2006 - Interview with Mattias for Bobrujsk newspaper
You can read the interview with Mattias, taken by Vladimir Repik, at our Interviews rubric (currently in Russian only). The interview was taken from Evening Bobrujsk newspaper.
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19/October/2006 - VacuumV!sion special chat with Mattias
Due to the end of VacuumV!sion contest (a little prolongation will be untill Monday, 23rd of October) all the participants are invited to the special chat with Mattias at 17:00 GMT, 19:00 Kiev's time, 20:00 Moscow time today on Friday, 20th.
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11/October/2006 - Nothing but VacuumV!sion again
You can listen to new great covers Mind your mind by Alaya and Dead (Robopop and Rock is Dead versions) by Tadapaka.
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09/October/2006 - VacuumV!sion continues
There are 2 new premierres at VacuumV!sion page. Listen to the covers by "THE MMAD CATZ?!!" band and Alaya.
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