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28/April/2003 - Vacuum performed at Stars Factory show.
Yesterday in the evening serie of "Stars Factory" on Russian TV there was Vacuum appearance. Mattias came with his guitarist Fredrik and had a talk with the "future stars". He answered the questions about changings in Russia, how he writes songs and if he writes for other artists. In the end he sang new song "Fools like me" (uncompletely). Unfortunately through the troubles with our server we can't upload this video for you yet, but maybe you will see it at other Vacuum sites. In the meantime you can download just complete audio version of his interview (Mattias's speaking English, and then interpreter's translating his words into Russian) and the song right here (mp3, 5:38, 3.304 mb).
upd: The short info about Vacuum appearance you can already see at "Stars Factory" site.
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28/April/2003 - Fools like me
For those fans who coudn't visit Vacuum's concerts we added new song "Fools like me" to Live Sound department. Please note, that the song comes with sample sound (32 kbs, mp3).
Special thanks to Dmitry S and Alexei for it.
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27/April/2003 - More about the concerts
In the rubric "Reviews and fans reports" you can read detailed report in English and Russian about the recent Vacuum performance in Golden Palace, provided by Dmitry S.
Also here is an info about Vacuum concert in Sankt-Peterburg, kindly provided by Tonchik. Vacuum performed there 4 songs:
1. Power
2. Let The Mountain Come To Me (sounded in another way acoustically)
3. Starting (Where The Story Ended)
4. I Breathe
There were not so many people to support Vacuum, but in the end the public recognized "I Breathe".
Many thanks to Dmitry S and Tonchik for provided information!
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26/April/2003 - Updated Live Photos gallery and added some polls
In Live Photos you can find 15 photos from the recent Vacuum performance at Golden Palace. Special big thanks to Olya Maximenko for these photos.

Also the poll system is on-line again. There were added 3 actual questions, based on your comments of the news. One of the polls you can see at the first page, the rest ones are here.
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26/April/2003 - Vacuum's play-set in Golden Palace
Yesterday Vacuum visited Moscow and had 2 events there: taking part in the show Star Factory on ORTV, and playing in the club "Golden Palace". In the club Mattias Lindblom with his musicians Olaf and Fredrik played 50 minutes long set and performed 3 new songs. More you will be able to read soon at
Information was kindly provided by Olya Maximenko
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24/April/2003 - Three.. Two.. One...
The bad news for fans of synthpop Vacuum and Marina Shciptjenko. Confirming the rumours about Marina leaving Vacuum, she is no longer the part of the band. :(
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24/April/2003 - Vacuum to play in Odessa
In the 16th of May Vacuum will come to play in Odessa (TBA), Ukraine!
Information by Subspace.
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23/April/2003 - A smaaaal update of Remixes & covers
There were added 2 things: easy instrumental version of Power Anatoly Savenkov and sample of the cover "Let The Mountain..." by Russian singer Serge Rogogin.
Also remind you, that in a day after tomorrow Vacuum's coming to Moscow and at the weekend will be in SPb. Don't miss your chance to see Mattias performing with his guitarists!
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19/April/2003 - Added Vacuum screensavers
Again continue to develop VacuumWare. This time 4 beautiful Vacuum screensavers wait for you in Vacuum Screensavers department.
Also there were added 2 funny parodies (in Russian) of Vacuum songs - Power (220V) and Let The Knowledge Come To me in Fans remixes department. Many thanks to their author Anatoly Savenkov.
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16/April/2003 - Added Vacuum icons
While Vacuum is busy at studio and prepares for Russian tour, we decided to a little develop VacuumWare rubric. Today you can download some nice Vacuum icons for your desktop there.
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14/April/2003 - Added a new rubric VacuumWare
In the meantime this rubric consist of Wallpapers department with 7 wallpapers, but the rest 'Vacuumware' will be added soon.
By the way, Wallpapers department was configured in such a way, that you can easily add your own Vacuum wallpapers with description through the web-interface.

Also as you can see, "Download audio" and a part of "Download video" deparment are on-line again.
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04/April/2003 - Temporary closing of video/audio
From tomorrow all things from videoarchive and audio will be temporary unavailable because of moving to another server. The links to Official Videoclips will be repaired this weekend though, and all the rest links - in next few weeks. Also you can have problems accessing the site next 5 days, which is also bounded up with the moving.

Vacuum news: the band will perform in Ukrainean festival "Chaika" in the 17th of May and after this possibly will perform in one of Kiev's clubs. You can see more information about Vacuum performing here and about "Chaika" here.
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