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26/March/2007 - Chat with Mattias!
It will be tomorrow in the 28th of March in our CHAT at 21:00 Moscow time, 20:00 Kiev's time, 19:00 Stockholm time and 18:00 GMT :)
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27/March/2007 - Interview with Mattias in "Musical Newspaper"
You can read it here (in Russian) in this newspaper.
Special thanks to Alex Skorohod for the materials.
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25/March/2007 - Vacuum's Interview on radio "Promin"
Svetlana Pleskachova kindly recorded, transcripted, translated and provided Vacuum's interview on Ukrainean radio "Promin" (thanks a lot!). You can read English version and Russian version, and also listen to the original source in mp3 (4,9 mb) in Ukrainean.
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23/March/2007 - Six Billion Voices Remix
Big thanks to Anatoly Ivanov, who has just kindly provided his record of Six Billion Voices remix from "Silver Rain" radio.
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22/March/2007 - Vacuum's radio activity
Vacuum's interview will be on air of Ukrainean govermental radio "Promin" on Saturday at 14:00 (the repeats will be on Sunday 05:00, Monday 23:00, Tuesday 04:00).
Also, you can listen to new Vacuum's remix of Six Billion Voices on Silver Rain radio in their weekly chart on Saturday 21:00.
And please vote for Vacuum at Europa FM radio show on Saturday 11:00.
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17/March/2007 - Solo Career update
The following songs (samples) have been just enriched Wollbeck/Lindblom's part of Solo Career rubric: 3 songs from new Julie album "Assassara" kindly provided by Yarik, and Nouveau Riche's "Angels".
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13/March/2007 - Vacuum radio promo
Vacuum's promo text has been sent to the radiostantions of CIS. You can read the promo here (in Russian).
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10/March/2007 - Vacuum at (Updated)
Today Vacuum appeared at Hit20 in the "Novelties of the week". Please vote for Vacuum there. Also on sunday between 10.00-12.00 there will be a presentation of SBV and an interview with Mattias.

Download the presentation on radio in mp3 (0:53, 948 kb). Thanks to Anatoly Ivanov for the record.
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06/March/2007 - Vacuum Challenge Results
Are available at this page!
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05/March/2007 - Finally SBV is released to radio!
More than 30 Russian radiostations picked up SBV today. Six Billion Voices is going great on radio in Russia but now we need the support from the fans to request it on radio! Support Vacuum and vote for it on your radiostations (These willing to participate will have to send a SMS to the following short number #2337 with the following text: tophit 7669. Each SMS cost 2,5 USD + VAT). The song is on and availiable to all radio.
Also, check out the latest interview with Mattias at MFinfo.
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