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  • Atlas
    [in Greece mythology] is the titan, who holds the sky on his shoulders in the West of the Earth as a punishment for his participating in titanomahia - the fight of the titans against the Olympic gods.

"Time is time a quantum leap"

  • Quantum leap
    is the leap or jump a sudden highly significant advance. The example of quantum leap can be a trip in time.
"Marching up around her D-Day invasion..."
  • D-Day invasion 
    [from the history of World War 2] is the day (6 of June 1944) of the largest operation for driving out German invaders from France. There were Americans, British, French, Canadian and other nations in the Army of Liberation.
BIG IDEAS GRAND VISION [ jump to top ]
"Seance at the Chaebol..."
  • Chaebol 
    is the economic system of Korea, which was formed in 20-30's years of the XX century, when the country was a colony governed by Japan. Japan adjusted the Korean system in order to supply its shops and made some underground organizations dependant on the state via credits, trade licenses and etc. Paradoxical fact is that that once they have become independent from Japan the Koreans developed this system for their own needs and nowadays they still follow it. The main features of the Korean economy are the following:
  1. There are many companies, which stick to the main, largest company. There are now more than 40 such large conglomerates (Chaebols) 
  2. The companies of Chaebol constantly interrelate. 
  3. Their concentration is especially major in the export of goods. 
  4. Chaebol doesn't have its own financial institute and is dependant on the state. 
  5. Chaebol is very centralized, and its structure is very formal. 
  6. Chaebol is a family conglomerate, based on kin relationship of its owners.


CHANT LIKE A MANTRA [ jump to top ]
  • Mantra 
    is the special song for meditation. The singing of the Mantra helps to reach Nirvana.

"I levitate..." 

  • During meditation and singing of mantra man's body can fly above the ground (levitate). It is phenomenon, which hasn't been explained yet by the science. The levitation can also be watched during the state of deep sleep.
I BREATHE [ jump to top ]
"Clean biosphere..."
  • Biosphere 
    is a layer (stratum) of Earth, whose composition, structure and energetics are mainly dependent on past or present activity of organisms. Biosphere includes a part of the atmosphere, the whole hydrosphere and the upper part of the lithosphere, which are interrelated by complicated biogeochemical cycles of substances and energy's migration. The initial moment of these cycles starts with the transformation of solar energy by plants and synthesis of biogen substances of Earth.

"To navigate my futurist balloon..."

  • Futurist balloon 
    is a device for flights in the atmosphere. It is a balloon filled with some gas (H, He, or just warm air), which is lighter than air.
ICAROS [ jump to top ]
  • Icaros (Icarus) 
    is the son of Daedalus and a slave of king Minos. This song is about the legend of Daedalus and Icarus. The king of the island Crete, Minos, wanting to have such a skillful master and artist as Dedalus didn't allow him to leave the island.
    But resourceful Dedlus made wings from wax and feathers for himself and his son Icarus and they flew away from the island. During their flight across the sea, Dedalus asked Icarus not to arise too high, in order not to let the sun melt the wax of the wings. At first, Icarus flew beside his father, but then he wanted to arise to the sun. So he started to ascend higher and higher up to the moment he flew up so closely to the sun, that the sun melted the wax, which glued the feathers of his wings together. The feathers flew away in the air and Icarus fell down and drowned in the deep sea. But Daedalus reached the solid ground successfully and lived for a long time after his famous flight. So we can suppose that first man's flight was rather successful although of 50% mortality. Compare with the first flight into cosmos ("Sitting in a rocket ship...")?


ILLUMINATI [ jump to top ]
  • Illuminati 
    is Greek illumination, name given to those who submitted to Christian baptism. Those who were baptized were called "illuminati" or "illuminated ones" by the Ante-Nicene clergy. The sect of Illuminati was formed by Waishaupt in Bavaria (1776). In general, it was a malevolent, authoritarian secret society or religious sect, appeared in Bavaria. This brotherhood had also an aim to help each other until the end and sometime to give the royal throne to one of them.

"Language they speak must be kept secret from ears of the weak..."

  • Illuminati had its own language of signs and rituals.
NUCLEAR INDIA [ jump to top ]
"In TROMBAY we reside..."
    The Atomic Center in Bombay (India).

"Create a super power like Homi Bhabha said..."

  • Homi Bhabha 
    is the first president of Atomic Center Trombay. He first made the experiments with nuclear energy and cosmic rays.
POWER [ jump to top ]
"There is an infrared light..."
  • Infrared light 
    is electromagnetic waves produced by heated objects. These electromagnetic waves are especially effective for objects' heating, because these waves are absorbed more easily, than other electromagnetic waves. They are used for making a display on a special infrared-sensitive membrane, which is subjected to heat, but not light while displaying. Infrared light occupies the spectral area between the red end of visible light (with wavelength of 1= 0,74 mcm) and short-wave eradiation (1= 1-2 mm). Infrared area of spectrum is usually divided into near (1 from 0,74 to 0, 74 mcm), average (2,5-40 mcm) and distant (50- 2000 mcm)

"Can you feel the power from the stratosphere..."

  • Stratosphere 
    is the atmospheric layer (stratum) lying between the troposphere and the mesosphere, in which temperature generally increases with height. Thermal regime of this layer is defined by the radiant thermal exchange and vertical movements and horizontal air transference. There is strong wind and as well as lineal streams in the stratosphere. On height of 20-30 km sometimes "nacreous clouds" are formed, which, ostensibly, consist of ice crystals or undercooled water drops. The lower part of the Stratosphere on the height of 20-25 km is marked by excessive content of aerosol particles, especially sulphitic ones, which are carried there by volcanic eruptions. There they are preserved longer than in troposphere, due to minor turbulent exchange and they are not washed away by the atmospheric condensation. This aerosol layer is the main power of the stratosphere, which leads to a certain descent of the atmospheric temperature near Earth's surface; this descent is especially major after volcanic eruptions.
PRUSSIA [ jump to top ]
  • Prussia
    is the state, then the lands of Germany (till 1945). The main centre of Prussia was Brandenburg, united with dukedom Prussia in 1618. In 1701 Prussian-Prussian state was officially named Kingdom Of Prussia (with Berlin the capital). In 1871 junkerhood with the Bismarck the head "with iron and blood" finished Germany uniting - Prussian king became the king of Germany and the Kingdom of Prussia. After the revolution in Germany in 1918 Prussian monarchy was liquidated and became one of German domains. In 1947 Prussia was finally liquidated as "the home of militarism".

"A magic tour de force..."

  • Tour de force (French) - a feat of skill or strength.
RISE AND SHINE OLYMPIA [ jump to top ]
  • Olympia
    is a city in Ancient Greece, Elida. It is the place of Zeus cult and also the place, where the famous Olympic Games were held. Olympia was burned according to the order of emperor Feodisius II, who wanted to destroy the cult of Zeus and all the roots of paganism.
SATYRICON [ jump to top ]
  • Satyricon
    is an antique book, whose name is translated as "Satirical Stories" or "Some Number of Satirical Stories". Supposedly, this book was written by Petronius, who was arbiter of grace in time of Roman Emperor Nero, though there are still some douts about it. The plot of the book is based on the life of some libertine named Aenklopius, the man of literary education, who realized the cons of the education of his time in Roman schools, where orators are taught to make speeches on different unthinkable topics. Aenklopius has two friends with him, they are Asklitus and Gitonus, who are considered to be the men of science and literature experts and they also have some intimae affair going on between them. Being in the company of Aenklopius they are involved neither in literary nor pedagogical questions, and completely dedicate themselves to deceptions and fraudulent activities. While doing it they subject themselves to unbridled lechery in which Aenklopius also takes part.

"Like a Pantheon..."

  • Pantheon
    [in Greece mythology] is the sacred temple of all gods in Ancient Rome. In wider sense of this word it is the gathering of the main gods of some religions. Also there is one more Pantheon, Parisian Pantheon (ex. Saint-Geneviev church), which is a graveyard of famous people.
SCIENCE OF THE SACRED [ jump to top ]
"Like a Renaissance..."
  • Renaissance
    (French) is an epoch in the history of European culture of 13th-16th centuries, which represented the beginning of so called "New age". In this epoch the artistic creation and especially the fine arts regarded as a universal language, which allowed revealing the mysteries of "Divine Nature". Emulating the nature, and representing it not nominally like in the medieval, but naturally, artist competes with the Creator ("Like a Master I learn to love...").

"One scalar field..."

  • Scalar field
    is an area where each point has a certain number, depending on the system of units choice, i.e. it is the area, where some number (scalar) "(P)" is bounded up with the every point P. Mathematically, scalar field can be defined in a certain area G with the pointing out the scalar function (P). variable point P of this area The examples of the scalar field can be the following fields: the field of temperature inside the body, the field of density. The main mathematic apparatus for the scalar field is Vector calculus.
SIGN ON THE SKYLINE [ jump to top ]
"My corner-stone designed..."
  • Corner-stone is the base (fulcrum) of something.
ULYSSES [ jump to top ]
  • Ulysses (Odyssey)
    [in Greece mythology] is the king of Ithaca, who, leaving the home for fighting against Troja, was made to knocked about the world, because offended the god of sea. His friends and servants died in different dangers, and he was traveling alone for many years before returning home. The lyrics of this song resembles the famous poem of Greek author Ovidius about Odissey, which was written in such a manner.

"Like Kafka wrote I sing my notes..."

  • Franz Kafka (1883 - 1924)
    is an Austrian writer. He did not communicate with people who were around him, so he was a recluse. His dreams and aims (never achieved) were brought to existence only in his books, which helped him to get rid of the void which was around him. Here, in this song, is a vivid parallelism between lonely Ulysses, who could just sing his notes, and lonely Kafka, who could just write his books.


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