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28/March/2006 - Vacuum interview on STS
Aniv kindly provided the record of STS program "Details" with the interview of Mattias Lindblom. You can download it in Vacuum on Russian TV rubric.
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27/March/2006 - More reports from Petersbourgh
You can read Ksusha's report from the Vacuum concert in Petersbourgh now (the report is in Russian).
Unfortunately because of some reasons, Vacuum could not shoot the videoclip in Petersbourgh, but Mattias took part in the shooting of youth serial "OBZH", so we hope to see Mattias-actor on TV soon :)
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26/March/2006 - Vacuum photos, video and review from "Moscow"
The photos have been added to Live Photos rubric. More photos to follow soon. Also you can download a preview of "Preview" song:
Preview, 2.2 mb. WMV.
And at last you can read the first review to the concert!
The things were kindly provided by Aniv.
If you want to share your photos from the concert, feel free to send them to the admin.
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25/March/2006 - Vacuum in "Moscow" restaurant: The concert
The concert has been successfully conducted too (it lasted 1 hour). Here's the freshest short report from the concert, kindly provided via phone call by Alex. Mattias has been performed 12,5 songs + 2 songs to sing an encore. Among old songs there were performed "Preview" and "Six Billion Voices". Mattias weared black stripped jacket, military trousers and white running shoes. He came to the tables with microphone, and the fans sang with him. Also, after the concert there was the second meeting of Mattias with the fans! They got their new Vacuum singles and again communicated with Mattias. More detailed reports with photos will come as soon as the fans recover from the happiest emotions :)
Special thanks also go to Aniv and Una Ragazza O.

The list of the perfomed songs:

  1. Six Billion Voices
  2. Your Whole Life Is Leading Up To This
  3. Fools Like Me
  4. Power
  5. Mind Your Mind
  6. In The Dirt
  7. Starting Where The Story Ended
  8. Icaros
  9. Let The Mountain Come To Me (acoustic version) (9.5 Hava Nagila)
  10. The Void
  11. I Breathe
  12. Six Billion Voices (again)
  13. Preview
  14. Fools Like Me (again)

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24/March/2006 - Vacuum in "Moscow" restaurant: The meeting
So, the meeting with the fans before the concert, organized by Icon Management has been successfully conducted. It lasted about 1,5 hour, and those lucky 15 fans, which had come to the meeting, took a chance to communicate with Mattias and presented him a couple of gifts. And Mattias promised to present them Vacuum singles after the concert. So, Mattias is happy, the fans are happy too and looking forward to seeing the concert, which will start very soon.
PS: prepared a few flags with Vacuum logos to support the band during the concert. Hope, the fans have already got them and will use! ;)
Thanks to Aniv and Alex for their reports.
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08/March/2006 - B-side track from Six Billion Voices single
It's available at the updated in "Six Billion Voices" style Vacuum-People. The track is called "Preview" and can be listened in the flash player. Hope, you'll like the track and a new design :)
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02/March/2006 - Vacuum concert in Petersburg (updated)
In the 25th of March Vacuum will perform in Moskva club, which is situated in Sankt-Petersburg :) The address of the club is:
Петроградская наб., дом 18а, Сити-Центр Гранд
Телефон: +7 (812) 332-0200
Here are some scans of a concert ticket, kindly provided by Aniv:
Vacuum concert ticket Vacuum concert ticket Vacuum concert ticket
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